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Gown of the Day- Rivini Fall 2015 The Stunning Pant Suit

While deciding what to wear today,  I decided that I just wanted to be comfortable. The weather has changed and it is a little colder than yesterday. I wonder if brides ever felt that way. Wedding gowns tend to be a little heavy and you will be wearing it for

Big Girls You are Beautiful- Sexy Wedding Gowns

I believe brides have the right to wear what she wants on her wedding day. As a consultant, I sometimes have plus size brides come in for an appointment and request sexy mermaid gowns.  My first reaction would to immediately put them in an A line gown as it is

Bridal Consulting Diary- Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns

Over the weekend, I consulted with some brides who were interested in long sleeve wedding gowns. Many brides wanted to do something different from the sweetheart neckline. I remember growing up it was expected for brides to be covered because of religious purpose. Now, designers have created long sleeve silhouettes

Bridal Diary: Trunk Show and Sought After Designers

This is the time of the year where future brides just recently become engaged and realizing that they only have a year to plan. I stress please plan a year ahead as the longer you wait, the process will begin to frustrate you. As a bridal consultant, I come across

Designer to Watch- Yaki Ravid

As we begin to prepare for Resurrection Sunday (Easter), let us go back to where Jesus was born, Israel!  Hailing from Tel Aviv, this couture brand is making waves. The line is chic but still traditional. For ladies, who have to be covered for the ceremony this is the perfect

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