Gown of the Day- Rivini Fall 2015 The Stunning Pant Suit

While deciding what to wear today,  I decided that I just wanted to be comfortable. The weather has changed and it is a little colder than yesterday. I wonder if brides ever felt that way. Wedding gowns tend to be a little heavy and you will be wearing it for 6-8 hours. That is a full work day! Rita Vinieris, the designer behind the luxury line Rivni, had that in mind when she designed Sabia.  When I saw the well made pant suit during bridal market, I was screaming in my mind Yes!!!! Now, I have the option of being comfortable on my wedding day. This will be great idea for a second dress. You can walk around cozy and fabulous. Future brides, party hard with Sabia at the reception. Thank you Rivini!!!

RiviniFrench metallic lace sweatshirt paired with a cigarette lace pant and tulle train

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