Nurit Hen New Collection -Golden Touch

Happy New Year! May 2018 be the year of New Beginnings for the new brides and future brides.

I wanted to start the New Year showcasing a line that has the Golden Touch. Nurit Hen is an Israeli line that recently showcased  a whimsical and fairy tale collection. The collection is just in time for all the brides who just recently became in engaged. Here are some ideas to tickle your fancy. Here are some stunning gowns…














Designer Watch- Nurit Hen Fall 2017 collection

Bridal Market just ended in New  York City and it was a week full of gowns, gowns, gowns and more gowns.  It was great to preview the upcoming Fall 2017 collections. This week we will focus on some of new designers who are doing things differently.

Brides, be on the look out for the trunk shows…

Nurit Hen is an Isareli Designer who is making a name for herself in the United States.  The gowns are an art creation that drapes the body like a glove. Each dress is beautifully beaded and well constructed with luxurious fabrics and lace. With names like Galiah Lahav, Inbal Dror and Berta who are making an impact in the market, we now have another option to add to the list. Let us take a look at the stunning looks that grace the runway during New York Bridal Market.









Designer Watch-Nurit Hen

I am still obsessed with Israeli Designers and love when I find great designers who can make any bride feel sexy and elegant.

Nurit Hen showcases her collections world-wide and is well known for her sophisticated looks and detailing, giving an exotic, modern styles to bridal design. Her new collections come out 2-3 times a year as she get inspired with new vision.  Nurit explains that she designs each gown for a bride not only for her body, but also for her heart and her soul.

Let us see some of the stunning gowns…..







Images Courtesy of Nurit Hen