BeGees Vibe on the Runway- THEIA Spring 2020

Are you confident, daring, cool and ready to dance? THEIA’s Spring 2020 collection gave us that vibe during New York Bridal Fashion Week.  For this new collection, future brides will see the 1970’s inspiration. If you are a bride that loves to have  a good time, channel in your boogie and disco balls and check out these amazing looks.

Of course, THEIA kept true to their classic signature crepes, soft ball gowns and hand beaded gowns and for the romantic brides the designer added a touch of Alencon lace. Be ready to see plungling necklines, thigh-high slits and stunning jumpsuits and dresses that will make you think you are dancing in Studio 54. Have fun ladies!!!!

1-Estrid (1)

Estrid- Hand Embroidered Sequin Cluster Coat over the Crepe Slip Gown


2-Monroe (1)

Monroe- Drape Front Satin Halter Gown with Side Front Slit

3-Sigrid (1)

Sigrid- V-Neck Gown Hand Embroidered with Pearls, seed Bead and Sequins

5-Renee (1)

Renee- Cap Sleeve, V-neck Gown Hand Embroidered with Chevron Strips with beads and Sequins

8-Cara (1)

Cara- Slip Gown Hand Embroidered with Glass Beads, Pearls and Sequins

9-Faye (1)

Faye- Plunge Front, Crepe Jump Suit with Ruched Waistband

11-Farrah (1)

Farrah- Boat Neck Crepe Mermaid Gown with Open Back with Pearl

13-Vanessa (1)

Vanessa- Cap Sleeve Top Hand Embroidered With Sequins Over the Silk Satin Faced Ball Skirt

16-Iman (1)

Iman- Platinum Lame Halter Shirt Gown

19-Luciana (1)

Luciana- V-Neck Gown Hand Embroidered with Grecian Inspired Beads and Sequin Gowns

20-Margaux (1)

Margaux- Strapless Ball Gown Hand Embroidered with Pearls and Sequins

Photos Courtesy of  Rodin Banica and Theia Couture




Consulting Diary- Bridal Wars between friends

Greeting Future Brides!

The holidays are approaching and many  of you will receive a proposal during Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s weekend.  If you are in your twenties, it will be you and your best friends as well.

I thought about writing this post when I had a interesting bridal consulting experience and wanted to get your ladies opinion. A bride makes an appointment to try on wedding gowns. I met her and she also introduces her friend and mentions ” Oh she will be trying gowns as well because she is engaged as well” I was ok with it as I thought maybe they both had different taste. The friend who is taggin along is liking everything the bride picks.

I am all about making the bride happy, I just didn’t agree with this. The bridal gown selection is the most important decision after finding the venue. You would want to look unique, spectacular and memorable. I wouldn’t want my friend wearing the same gown as me on their wedding day. This just does not feel right to  me. I had to put a smile of my face but deep down inside I was upset for the bride who really didn’t care if her friend purchased the same gown.

Would you allow your best friend to buy the same wedding gown? Let me hear your thoughts on this.

Didn’t watch this movie but thought this was a great picture to describe the image in my head.



Designer Watch-Nurit Hen

I am still obsessed with Israeli Designers and love when I find great designers who can make any bride feel sexy and elegant.

Nurit Hen showcases her collections world-wide and is well known for her sophisticated looks and detailing, giving an exotic, modern styles to bridal design. Her new collections come out 2-3 times a year as she get inspired with new vision.  Nurit explains that she designs each gown for a bride not only for her body, but also for her heart and her soul.

Let us see some of the stunning gowns…..







Images Courtesy of Nurit Hen

Black History Style File- Ann Lowe Influential Designer

Ann Lowe made history in 1953 when she designed a wedding gown for former the first lady.

Ann Lowe was an American fashion designer and the first African American to become a noted fashion designer. Lowe’s one-of-a-kind designs were a favorite among socialites from the 1920s to the 1960s. In 1953, she designed the ivory silk taffeta wedding dress worn by Jackie Kennedy.

In 1950, Lowe opened a salon in New York city on  Lexington Avenue where she created one of a kind pieces for high society women. So excited to be highlighting Ann Lowe as she opened doors for many designers today.







Designer To Watch- BELFASO

Belfaso is one of the oldest fashion houses in Russia. Belfaso established in 1985 since starting a studio room for manufacturing wedding accessories. Galina Solodovnyk is the founder and she is one of the first to take part in the wedding fashion in her town and in Russia as a whole.

Belfaso 2015 Wedding Dresses offers you a wide range of wedding gowns that will make your wedding day wonderful and memorable.  All of the designs are created of top great quality fabrics and all of them are embellished with special components and beading. Belfaso products are created by hands with using French and Italian laces, trims and unusual details which guarantee uniqueness of product with an emphasis on great quality.

Let us take a look at some of the amazing styles