Consulting Diary- Bridal Wars between friends

Greeting Future Brides!

The holidays are approaching and many  of you will receive a proposal during Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s weekend.  If you are in your twenties, it will be you and your best friends as well.

I thought about writing this post when I had a interesting bridal consulting experience and wanted to get your ladies opinion. A bride makes an appointment to try on wedding gowns. I met her and she also introduces her friend and mentions ” Oh she will be trying gowns as well because she is engaged as well” I was ok with it as I thought maybe they both had different taste. The friend who is taggin along is liking everything the bride picks.

I am all about making the bride happy, I just didn’t agree with this. The bridal gown selection is the most important decision after finding the venue. You would want to look unique, spectacular and memorable. I wouldn’t want my friend wearing the same gown as me on their wedding day. This just does not feel right to  me. I had to put a smile of my face but deep down inside I was upset for the bride who really didn’t care if her friend purchased the same gown.

Would you allow your best friend to buy the same wedding gown? Let me hear your thoughts on this.

Didn’t watch this movie but thought this was a great picture to describe the image in my head.



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