Studio Levana Curvy Enchanted Collection

With all the Israeli Designers in bridal industry, many of the styles only cater to a specific bride. A bride who wears a size 0-8 can fit the gowns. I was so excited to find an Israeli brand that caters to plus size brides and use stunning fabrics.
Studio Levana gowns boast a one of a kind fit for curvy woman thanks to our patented invisible corset construction that supports the bust without any bra and smoothes body imperfections without any need in shaping underwear. We use the most fashion forward lace patterns that flatter a body shape and are able to make the most body hugging and mermaid silhouettes with plunging cleavages thanks to our corset construction.
Our dresses are sold globally and will be available this year across the USA in Lovely Bride stores, Alexandra’s Boutique, All My Heart Bridal and many other stores.
Meggie (2)
Annael (1)
Koral (2)
Koral (4)
Kris (1)
Kris (4)
Lida (1)
Madlene (2)
Meggie (2)
Sophia (3)
Tracie (3)
Wendy (3)

One Reply to “Studio Levana Curvy Enchanted Collection”

  1. Fernandez Wilburn says:

    Stunning and Sophisticatedđź‘Ź

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