Say ‘ Yes’ to the Best Bridal Gowns Fast Fashion Has to Offer

What do the pandemic and Luxury Wedding gowns have in common? They cost too much. 

And even though some couples expressed their disdain for one another at the top of this crisis, ultimately ending their relationship, social media suggests that an influx of lovers banded together, and got engaged. Since then, the concept of wedding has become synonymous with the terms postponed, canceled, and the ever-faithful, city hall. Aside from safety, keeping costs down seems to be at the crux of wedding planning worry. 

Silhouette was once the typical query for the engaged and the gownless. But now, nearly two years into Covid-19, many soon-to-be brides have set their focus on balancing budget sheets, and narrowing margins for the designer dress of their dreams. Grandeur is a big ask on a small budget, but all possible, especially for the fashion-forward who are keen on improvising under tight parameters. Enter Carrie Bradshaw who fully attempted to be the bride that “wore a dress by no one”.

Here lately, we’ve relished in the era of micro-wedding, where brides halved their guestlists and welcomed more intimate experiences, axed their bridal parties altogether, and overall introduced a minimalistic approach to their bridal gown budgets. These modern brides are looking for sleek beadless choices, boho beach-ready finds, and comfortable lacey numbers at affordable prices. 

Whether dress-seekers loathe heavily crystalized picks or gigantic fit n’ flare styles, non-traditional brides are saying ‘I do’ in clean, simple gowns and our favorite retailers are offering phenomenal sustainable alternatives. Let’s take a look at how they measure up.

Reformation introduced its eco-friendly bridal collection on April 1st, 2014.  


Kinsale Set | $ 488 | Sizes 0-12
Otrano Dress | $398 | Sizes 0-12
Briarwood Dress | $598 | Sizes 0-12
Lorrane Dress | $398 | Sizes 0-12
Balsam Dress | $428 | Sizes 0-12
Lecce Dress | $428 | Sizes 0-12

ASOS Bridal

Lola, Curve Lola | $420 | Sizes 0-14, 12-26
Hazel | $200 | Sizes 0-14
Lucy | $320 | Sizes 0-14
Maisie | $240 | Sizes 0-14
Mila | $600 | Sizes 0-14
Gayle | $320 | Sizes 0-14
Asos Edition | $275 | Sizes 0-14
Lace & Beads Bridal | $247.50 | Size 2-12

Lulus Bridal Salon

My Every Dream | $200 | Sizes 2-10
Love Everlasting | $119 | Sizes XS-XL
Love Conquers All | $224 | Sizes 2-10
Hold My Heart Forever | $35 | Sizes XS-XL
Romance Dreamer | $109 | Sizes XXS-XL
Duchess | $149 | Sizes XXS-3X
Florally in Love | $300 | Sizes 2-10

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