The Heat is On!! Rafael Cennamo

I am always looking for new and innovative designer. Rafael Cennamo an Italian-Venezuelan designer is more than a designer, he is an artist who is ready to to show the world his vision. His silhouettes are specially designed for the graceful bride or the diva who is ready to show up on the red carpet. [...]


First Lady Michelle Obama !!!!!!!

I was moved today with the inauguration but when I saw Michelle Obama walk out with the Jason Wu white gown. I broke down and cried. I know Obama is the first African American president but Michelle is also taking a stand for black and Latino women out there who are curvy and have beautiful [...]

Eco Friendly Gowns

President- elect Obama mentioned in his platform that he wanted the country to become eco-friendly and implement programs. Why not start now? The Chameleon gown by Isadora Clothing is available in organic cotton/bamboo jersey or organic cotton/soy jersey. This gown is great due to its versatility. It can be worn in many different ways.www.etsy.comThis beautiful [...]

Style Report- Veils

With traditional wedding gowns transforming, veils are also taking a new look. Ladies, let us upgrade!Head Dress Couture is a new accessory company based in Florida that brings a new look to veils. Don't worry if you don't live in Florida, they can ship your one-of-a kind designs.www.headdressdesigns.comLace cap with Swarovski crystals. I really like [...]