First Lady Michelle Obama !!!!!!!

I was moved today with the inauguration but when I saw Michelle Obama walk out with the Jason Wu white gown. I broke down and cried. I know Obama is the first African American president but Michelle is also taking a stand for black and Latino women out there who are curvy and have beautiful [...]


Kung Pow- Knock Out Gowns

I am on the search for different gowns from other countries. I found a website that showcase Chinese wedding dresses. I love the intricate bead work on the gowns.Ivory Satin White Dress. I love the beading work. It is very simple but still makes a statement. you know that the color red in the Chinese [...]

Eco Friendly Gowns

President- elect Obama mentioned in his platform that he wanted the country to become eco-friendly and implement programs. Why not start now? The Chameleon gown by Isadora Clothing is available in organic cotton/bamboo jersey or organic cotton/soy jersey. This gown is great due to its versatility. It can be worn in many different ways.www.etsy.comThis beautiful [...]

Style Report- Veils

With traditional wedding gowns transforming, veils are also taking a new look. Ladies, let us upgrade!Head Dress Couture is a new accessory company based in Florida that brings a new look to veils. Don't worry if you don't live in Florida, they can ship your one-of-a kind designs.www.headdressdesigns.comLace cap with Swarovski crystals. I really like [...]