Wedding Shoes Giveaway

Running with Heels is having a promotion with Nina shoes. Nina is famous for evening wear shoes. Nina shoes are frequently found on the feet of actresses walking the red carpet, and many of these styles have been adapted into wedding-ready looks. (This is your own red-carpet moment after all!) From satin sandals to bejeweled [...]


Style File- Hair Styles

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and future mothers, aunties and godmothers. You are a star all year round. I am going to take a break from bridal couture. Let us look at some hairstyles that can look stunning at the red carpet and down the aisle. Yes, the dress is important but the hairstyle [...]

Wedding Bargains

A friend recommended a site today and I wanted to share it with you.I don't know if you are familiar with daily candy. It is a online magazine/blog that gives you the scoop about fashion ie sample sales, new designers, and what is happening in the your city. They just launched a wedding section. It [...]


I am always talking about gorgeous gowns but what about the accessories. For the rest of the week, I am going to focus on accessorizing. First we have to look at the engagement rings. In certain countries huge diamond engagement rings are not important. Well, it is important to me. The size of the diamond [...]

Upstage You!!!!

I know I have been MIA for the month of February, but after Fashion week I decided to take a little vacation. Greetings to all my fellow Pisces!!! We rule the world. Back to Couture.Being a single woman, I have had an opportunity to be part of the bridal party. I think I only liked [...]

Evening Gala

I am not engaged, but I will be one day. Hey, this month is all about love. I am praying to God for Prince charming to fall from the sky. It can happen. That story is for another blog but I wanted to share how I was feeling.I was talking to an older lady the [...]