A Garden Full of Rosa

Rosa Clara the Spanish designer is creating volume with feminine looks and simple close fitting gowns. Some may say the gowns are very simple, but something about the draping captures my attention and screams elegance.


Trend- Sleeves

For Spring 2010, Long and short sleeves are back!! The conservatives do not want to loose their place in fashion. I am all for it, the looks are classy and very feminine. Hot News!Novia D'Art- http://www.dartbridal.com/Jenny Packhman-http://www.jennypackham.com/jp/Priscilla of Boston-www.priscillaofboston.com

Hot Mess!!!

OK, I am catching up with red carpet looks and Lady Gaga was really putting the E in Eccentric. As I was doing my research on new designers, I found her inspiration. Anything is possible ladies. Work that red carpet!!!David Feilden- UK Bridal and Evening wear designerwww.davidfielden.co.uk

Atlanta Brides

To all my Atlanta Brides, Erica Angeline is hosting a trunk show for the ladies who are looking for a unique and glamorous gown. Information to the trunk show is below. Enjoy!!The new collections’ focus of traditional silhouettes, architectural details, and vintage styling are evident as jewels and texture give depth to each gown.Join us [...]


I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. I know I have been MIA but I have been working overtime. Now back to red carpet dresses. Recently, my friend Enniaf married her fiance Lamar. The wedding took place on August 15th, 2009. I am sharing this with you because Einnaf read my blog and was inspired to [...]


I recently had a conversation with my friends about having a list when choosing a I had this conversation, I began to realize that God put a list out there as well. mate. Well I have five things I look for and I am pretty sure plenty of females would agree with me. Now you [...]

Summer Dresses

- Amy KuschelAlthough summer has not arrived in NYC, I wanted to talk about gorgeous summer gowns for 09. This year I am loving the laser cut designs. We usually focus on lace, embroidery, or sequins. I am all about change. Amy Kuschel design this Kitty laser cut strapless sihoullete that will make the groom [...]


Today I want to share my thoughts with you. When I started this blog, I wanted to focus on beautiful gowns and looking fabulous. Being a bride is more than that. Growing up in a pentecostal church, I was taught that Jesus will one day come for His bride, the church. I never really understood [...]

Wedding Shoes Giveaway

Running with Heels is having a promotion with Nina shoes. Nina is famous for evening wear shoes. Nina shoes are frequently found on the feet of actresses walking the red carpet, and many of these styles have been adapted into wedding-ready looks. (This is your own red-carpet moment after all!) From satin sandals to bejeweled [...]