Ines Di Santo Spring 2021 Collection

If you love bridal couture,  you will be delighted to preview Ines Di Santo’s latest collection.  The Enchanted Spring 2021 collection will keep you spellbound. Ines captures the beauty of lace, silk and embroidered details. She wanted to take your eye on a journey of fantasy. .You will feel the ethereal that float like mist in the air. Be ready to fantasize what you which one you will wear on your wedding day.

Amaranth _ Quice_Ines Di Santo

12- Lunaria_detail_Ines Di Santo

1- Nepeta_front_Ines Di Santo

2- Lotus_front_Ines Di Santo

3- Quice_front_Ines Di Santo

3- Quice_back_Ines Di Santo

5- Amarylis_mood_Ines Di Santo

11- Leilani_front detail_Ines Di Santo

12- Lunaria_detail_Ines Di Santo

12- Lunaria_front_Ines Di Santo




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