Savannah Miller 2021 Spring/Summer Collection

During this time of shelter and place, we are catching up on some movies we have wanted to see or the latest movie releases on Demand. The inspirations are flowing as you and your fiance plan your big event.

Savannah Miller was also inspired by 1930 movies. This new collection gives a message that marriage is the focus of the union. Falling in love feels like a new dawn and the opportunity to dive into the depths of yourself in partnership with another, the true meaning of marriage. Savannah wanted to capture the essence of this feeling in the tone of voice this season.

Inspired by the iconic wardrobe of 30’s Hollywood movie star, Carole Lombard, Savannah was intoxicated by the way she carried simplicity with such grace and elegance, “She embodied the feminine and sensual essence of our brand’s design aesthetic and is a constantly inspiring reference with her playful yet powerful magnetism.”

The collection has always been effortlessly chic aesthetic. This new collection can give future brides what they need for all of the events surrounding the wedding beyond the ceremony.








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