BE YOU! JustinAlexander with Iskra Lawrence

Have you ever been shopping and just could not find a gown that you can try on, look trendy and bridal? Justin Alexander has launched  a capsule collection with model and influencer Iskra Lawrence allowing a bride to be themselves.  Iskra is advocate for body confidence. Iskra is a model  who is not afraid to show her curves.

As a bridal consultant, I constantly meet curvy brides who are searching for gowns that make them look like a bride and not frumpy. I was so excited to feature this collection. The collection showcases elegant, sexy and sophisticated gowns that I know you future brides will love. Check out the website to get information on how you can win a free gown.

Let us see what you might win……








Images Courtesy of Justin Alexander

Click on the link to find out how you can win a free dress…


Good luck xoxo


2 Replies to “BE YOU! JustinAlexander with Iskra Lawrence”

  1. Fernandez Wilburn says:

    Extremely elegant!

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