Consulting Diaries- What to Do after the Proposal?

The holidays are now over and we have entered into a New Year! My best friend recently proposed to his girlfriend during Christmas and it was such a beautiful occasion. The room was filled with laughter and tears of joy.

Now reality hits and the planning beginnings. Many future brides and groom don’t know what to do after she said yes.

You are now engaged and the trepidation of walking down the aisle is popping up in your mind. What should I do and where can I find a gown? Listed are some pointers on the basic things you should check off the list after the proposal.

1) Set a date for the wedding

I have had some bridal appointments and brides come in looking for a gown without a wedding date. Some may say what is the big deal? The wedding collection comes in two season -Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. If your wedding is in July you might not want to purchase a silk satin gown for a summer wedding. The heaviness of the gown will make you really hot. Choose a date that is significant to you and your partner. Another option, pick a date that will work around your vacation time.

2) Look for a venue

Finding a venue is key! Talk with each other and decide if you would like to stay in your hometown or get married out of the country. Securing your venue is the biggest headache. If you can lock down a venue first, everything else will run smoothly.

3) Finding a wedding gown

A wedding gown takes six to nine months to make depending on a designer. Try to not to wait six months before your wedding to look for a wedding gown. Start to research blogs, instagram, pinterest and magazines for wedding inspirations. My blog focuses on couture designer and emerging designers. Fashion4brides is a good start. Some other blogs such as Wedding Inspirasi and Style Me Pretty are excellent. If you go to your appointment with an idea in mind it will make the consultant’s process easy. Trust me I know. Sometimes you might not know what you want but research what is good for your body type that will also help as well. There are so many bridal designers in the industry, when you find your gown move on. Do not go to another appointment or look online for wedding gowns. You will be overwhelmed. After you leave your deposit for your gown, begin to search for your bridesmaid and flower girl’s dresses.

4) Find a good photographer

Talk to your friends who are married to see if you have any recommendations. You want someone who is going to capture all the moments and shoot you in every angle. You are going to be stunning and want to make sure the photographer is on point. He almost has to be an editorial photographer. You want images that look like you are looking at your wedding in VOGUE magazine.

If you are able to check off these four things, everything else will work out. Remember if you need help with finding a dream gown, you know where to find me. 🙂







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    Very informative!!!

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