Lihi Hod Fall 2017 Collection

Lihi Hod is the leading fashion designer in Israel. Lihi Hod went to Paris to work at Dior, alongside fashion designer John Galliano.When she returned to Israel, and after working in many fashion brands, Lihi established her own signature studio in 2010, specializing in designing wedding dresses.

Her collection is very unique in aesthetic. Many of the Isareli brands have a signature look but Lihi Hod sets herself apart by designing timeless elegant gowns inspired by the past with the contemporary, chic and nonchalant attitude of the present. Fall 2017, you will see a sexy boho chic collection with lace, beading and  stunning flowy A- line silhouette.










One Reply to “Lihi Hod Fall 2017 Collection”

  1. Fernandez Wilburn says:

    Stunning!!! Exquisite!!!👏

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