Consulting Diary- Manhattan Bride

Growing up in New York there is always something to do and places to go. We are always getting dressed for different occassions. On our way wedding day, we like to keep it simple.

Lately, I have had the opportunity to meet brides who were born and raised in New York City. I truly enjoy it as I realize we have all have similar taste when it comes to bridal selections. I have always imagine my gown to be  simple and chic. Don’t get me wrong, I love the drama but not over the top if that makes sense. You can have a simple gown and still make a statement.  My blog post is called Manhattan Bride because many bridal salon are focusing on trends such as beaded gowns, the sexy low back gowns , feathers and tulle, tulle ,tulle. The post is pay to homage to all the Manhattan Brides who know how to keep it simple and make an entrance. You may not be a Manhattan Bride but appreciate the simplicity- layback type of gown, this is for you too.  Let us look at some designers who have us in mind.

Isabel Basaldua Collection (from Spain)


Pallas Couture


Rami Al Ali







Atelier Pronovias




One Reply to “Consulting Diary- Manhattan Bride”

  1. Fernandez Wilburn says:

    Beautiful Gowns Sis!!! Very Elegant

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