Gemy Maalouf 2015 Wedding Collection

All I can say is GEMY MAALOUF!!!!  I am a huge fan of Gemy Maalouf as I have posted gowns from their past collections. This season Gemy has focused on structure, modern styles and femininity. Think of George Jetson and Reem Acra fusing together. Bravo Gemy Maalouf for creating a collection that stands out. I would definitely say YES to all the dresses. 🙂

CPS15 4212 Overall

CPS15 4226

W15 4219-2

W15 4236

W15 4302 Top + LPS15 4304SS + W15 4326 Cage-2

W15 4332

W15 4329 LD + LPS15 4289 BELT W15 4311

W15 3926T+W15 4065LS

W15 3968T+W15 4006SSW15 3968T+W15 4006SS+W15 4178LS BACK

W15 3968T+W15 4157LS+W15 4178LSW15 4006T+W15 4179LS+W15 3965L

W15 4044

W15 4139

W15 4145TU+W15 3972L

One Reply to “Gemy Maalouf 2015 Wedding Collection”

  1. Chantel says:

    Beautiful Gowns .

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