Get Accessorized for your wedding day!!!

After finding the dream wedding gown, the next step is finding items to complement the gown. Accessories are very important for your wedding day as they add the finishing touch. Finding the right veil, headpiece, jewelry and we can’t forget shoes are all essential.

Kiss Me Dolores- Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Kiss shoesIn case you just don’t feel like wear heels, rhinestone encrusted Converse be the most comfortable option.


Jimmy Choo- perfect for the lace gown

010alanalac_white_sideTouch of color- Christian Louboutin


Lovely Bridal Headpieces 2015 by Jannie Baltzer

sandraaberg-janniebaltzer2015-highres2-101-510x652-420x470Boutique de Voile

Untitled pictureJewelry Set


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