Designer To Watch: Esra Atelier Couture

Esra Atelier is a line that I have been watching for a year. I would always see the collection on Pinterest and wonder where can a bride purchase. Esra wedding and evening wear collection is sophisticated, passionate and will have your future groom in tears.  I am madly in love with Esra Atelier!!!!!

Two sisters, Gabriela and Christina Antonesai create gowns that tell a story. Each gown is elegant, romantic and can be imagined in a fairy tale. Using exclusive handmade rare materials and precious lace, they dynamic duo designs  make all future bride’s dreams come true.  Esra philosophy is ” Esra solely handcrafts each of our dresses and has its own lyrical story that awaits to be discovered.” Let us discover together…..

1_ersa-atelier-panthea-E203a22_ersa-atelier-fabiola-E794a25_ersa-atelier-eleonor-E370a27_ersa-atelier-blanche-E464a-cut27_ersa-atelier-niobe-E084a29_ersa-atelier-sibyla-E276a211_ersa-atelier-casiopeia-E758a211_ersa-atelier-margaret-E789a-cut12_ersa-atelier-amina-E815a-cut13_ersa-atelier-catherina-E662a-cut15_ersa-atelier-tania-E312a-cutFor NY Brides- you can find Esra at L’Fay Bridal-

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