Valentine’s Day- Blushing Wedding Gowns

Would you be my Valentine? Love is in the air and many are smiling about different ideas of dates or romantic getaways for the weekend. Some people are planning a Valentine’s day proposal or wedding!

With Blush Wedding Gowns being the latest trend…. why not make your future groom blush with a stunning colorful gown. Check out some stylish I  Love….

Goia-Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo

Maggie Satero Blush GownMaggie Sottero


Jim Hjlem


Ersa Atelier ( My new favorite designer)




Jean  Ralph Thurin

4 Replies to “Valentine’s Day- Blushing Wedding Gowns”

  1. nice wedding dress for a wedding on the day of love. but whether this dress can be obtained for people are like me?

  2. Fabulous, Fabulous, and absolutely Fabulous. The designer has a great eye on style and fashion for the future. I would love to have this designer design my wedding gown for me.

  3. Chantel says:

    Beautiful eye the designer has.

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