Amsale FW13 Bridesmaid Collection

Amsale’s Bridesmaid collection will make all bridesmaids excited to be in a wedding. Usually the bridesmaid dresses are so horrible. I do not know why brides make tacky selections. Brides please keep in mind we spend money as well to  be in your wedding. I am speaking from past experiences.

Let me get back to the topic….  Amsale has an assortment of bridesmaid dresses that can be worn after the wedding.  Bridesmaid can now buy dresses they can keep after the ceremony.  The different color palettes are fun, bright and wearable. Have you ever worn a dress and wonder who thought of the color?  See below my favorites.

Amsale 1

Amsale 2

Amsale 2

Amsale 4

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