David’s Bridal is kissing the wedding industry goodby

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I’ve been saying there will be major changes in the wedding industry for like….7 months already and I do believe that some people didn’t believe me.  Well, it seems that the first of two major changes has officially happened.  I couldn’t  have written it any better than the story I saw in the NY Post, so here it is.  My advice…if you thought that Vera Wang dress would be your dream dress (read less than her Madison Avenue price) you better get it now….or you’ll be heading back to Madison Ave really soon.  Also and I really hate to be the bearer of doom…there WILL BE another major announcement before 2012 is over.  Yes the wedding world is in for a shake-up.

The owners of David’s Bridal are trying to find a suitor to tie the knot with its 62-year-old retail chain.

Private-equity shops Leonard Green & Partners and TPG…

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