Obsessed with Bridal?!! NEW TV SHOW

This if for all the Single ladies who are waiting for Mr. Right to put a 2.5kt ring on their finger.

Do not miss your chance to be on TV. Good luck!!


Are you planning your wedding, while still looking for your groom?

A major cable network brings you a new docu-series about modern-day women in their quest to make their wedding dreams come true.

Have you started planning your perfect wedding but are still looking for your perfect guy?
Have you started shopping for the perfect dress, or your favorite cake?
Have you started designing your invitations or pricing out venues?

Whether you’ve completed your vision board with images of flowers and table settings, or you’re already meeting with consultants and planners, we invite you to share your journey!

We are seeking dynamic, ambitious, outgoing, single women who are planning their special day, while still searching for that special guy!

Please email us at: SaveTheDateShow@gmail.com.

Be sure to include your name, city, email, phone number, two recent photos and a paragraph about yourself and all the steps you’re taking to make your wedding dreams come true. You must be 21 years or older to apply.

Let us follow you on your journey to happiness!!!

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