All About the Benjamins- Cash Gift Registry

Happy Friday!!!

What kind of gift would you buy for the future bride or groom? Everyone knows CASH is the best gift. I found a website that allows people to register for cash over goods. Deposit a is a cash gift registry.  Ladies, if you want to go to Paris for your honeymoon, there is a way…… Users create gift lists of anything they would like monetary gifts towards. Gift-givers contribute via credit card. When users are ready, they cash-out to redeem their money via free direct deposit, personal check or Visa gift card to spend it how, when and where they want.

Thank God for technology, that is going to be on the top of my list when I get married.

Check out the website. Have a great weekend.

One Reply to “All About the Benjamins- Cash Gift Registry”

  1. Just found your lovely post about us! Thank yo for sharing Deposit a Gift with your readers. You’re right…DAG is perfect to register for anything that you couldn’t in a department store: honeymoon, home down payment, furniture, date nights, charity, you name it 🙂 If you would like any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally for help. Have a great weekend! Cheers, Dana

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