Romona Keveza- New Obsession

Every few months, I find a designer where I feel they will make their mark in the bridal industry. I absolutely still love Maria Lucia Hohan, Erica Angeline, and Cymbeline. Their designs are very unique. I stumbled across Romona Keveza while twitting. Go figure… Romona Keveza is in a different category. Her work is pure art. If I ever went to a boutique that offered her gowns, I would have to try all of them. I am serious! I am even contemplating attending a trunk show just so I can see the collection in person. I know, I sound a little dramatic but her dress are draped in a beautiful way. The silhouettes are whimsical and very feminine. Ladies, I beg you please take a look at her website. The evening wear line is also amazing. Romona Keveza receives five stars on the red carpet. Check out some of her gowns.

Available at Bridal Reflection in NYC and other locations.

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