I am always talking about gorgeous gowns but what about the accessories. For the rest of the week, I am going to focus on accessorizing. First we have to look at the engagement rings. In certain countries huge diamond engagement rings are not important. Well, it is important to me. The size of the diamond does not measure the man’s affection but it sures looks good on the left hand. Let’s take a look at different cuts.

Emerald Cut-

Tiffany & Co – Receiving a ring from the legendary store would be amazing. Every girl dreams of the little blue box.

Princess Cut


This is Cartier classic ring. This solitaire has been part of their collection since 1895. All I can say is YES! YES! YES!

For the Modern Br

Elma Gil- Very sophisticated. Each ring from their collection is uniquely designed and is very innovative.


Platinum Ring with Pave Frame Style # 17612

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